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Evening exterior image of the Tennessean Hotel

An Urban Retreat

Welcome to THE TENNESSEAN Hotel, Knoxville's traditional Southern retreat with a contemporary flair.

Before being transformed into Administrative Offices for the State of Tennessee, our Knoxville hotel's original structure was built for the 1982 World’s Fair – a legendary international event. A spirit of welcoming pervaded the building at the onset. A simple and navigable layout, our hotel is near the University of Tennessee and Neyland Stadium, making it an ideal urban getaway with the added bonus of scenic mountains and park vistas.

Authentic East Tennessee folkways and mores are interwoven into every minute detail of our team of service associates, as well as the architecture. Plush carpets depict the Tennessee River, the logo portrays the state flower, and the room finishings have been designed with pride by Tennessee craftsmen.

Our downtown Knoxville hotel features 82 luxurious guest rooms and a gracious front desk staff to serve you around the clock, allowing us to offer personal luxury guest-by-guest. We offer the flexibility of a one night minimum stay, with any minimum stay requirement changes specified by date on our website. Our central location to the University, Market Square and the Old City affords guests convenience and a remarkable sense of place. Downtown boasts a lively culinary scene, artisan shopping, a diverse selection of bars & pubs, and endless arts & entertainment at the Bijou and Tennessee Theatres.

View Of French Broad River Flowing through Knoxville


Our luxury Knoxville hotel is located just three blocks from the heart of the city, meaning there is never a shortage of authentically Knoxville activities transpiring. Market Square, Gay Street and the Old City contain Knoxville’s finest dining scene, drink selections, locally-owned shops, theatre productions, and unique events. We are also a hotel near The University of Tennessee, making it the perfect destination for proud parents visiting UT students. 

Key Hotel Features Include: